Bindmount NTFS usb drive in proxmox + turnkey fileserver

Open terminal in pve node
Create a mount point. I placed my mount point in mnt folder. To do this
type: mkdir /mnt/nameofmountpoint. eg. mkdir /mnt/usbdrive

Now figure out the hard drive partition by getting the uuid. Follow the command below

  • this is the best command I used to figure out uuid
    type ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid
  • Alternative

eg. /dev/sdb1

Edit fstab by
typing nano /etc/fstab

In my case I have a ntfs partition. You must install ntfs-3g prior to this point.
/dev/disk/by-uuid/youruuid /mnt/mountpoint ntfs-3g defaults 0 0

In proxmox UI, Select Datacenter, click Add, select Directory. Give ID: Whatever name you want, Directory: /mnt/usbdrive. Contents: Select all in the drop down list. Then select Add button. You should be able to see the hard drive under the first node.

Now create your container in proxmox UI
On the Disk tab, when creating the container, select your usb drive

General Tab:
Remember your CT ID
Hostname: TurnkeyFS
Password: whateverpasswordyouwant

Select Next button

Storage: local
Template: turnkey
If you don’t see any templates in the dropdown list. Then go local(pve), CT Templates (its between iso images and permissions). Click on Templates button (between Download from URL and Remove buttons). Another window will popup, type in the search field (upper right corner) fileserver. Select turnkey-fileserver by highlighting it. Then press Download button (bottom right corner).

Bottom left click Add button. Then select the new mountpoint. Disk size: 1GiB, Path: /mnt/root
Please remember the mountpoint number. eg. mp0 or mp1

Now open the shell of the node on the left side (in my case its labeled as pve )and select _Shell.
nano /etc/pve/lxc/Your CT ID of Turnkey Fileserver.conf
eg. nano /etc/pve/lxc/100.conf
At the bottom of the file. Type: mp0: /mnt/usbdrive,mp=/mnt/root

Next Reboot the container .

GE Washer Fix – Random beeps, Power button wont work. Start button sometimes works.

GE Washer model: GTW680BSJ6WS3

Problem: Power button won’t work. Start button intermittently works. If washer does operate, will get random beeps.

Solution: Replace control board.

Download GE 27_Top Load Washer.pdf for Instruction on how to find the Personality Id of your washer. When I purchased the control board online it was pre -configured.

Download Instructions on how to fix the GE Washer model#:GTW680BSJ6WS3