I wanted to upgrade my phone online. Which I tried to do over the weekend and at the end of the checkout I noticed a Fast Forward service was added to the checkout. I didn’t want this service so I searched throughout their website to remove this feature but I was unsuccessful. I had to add this service if I wanted this phone for free. I didn’t end up going through with the upgrade because I didn’t want this to show up on my bill and also go through the hassle of removing it. So what I did is called Cingular sales department. A lady answered and when I got through explaining what happened over the weekend she had to put me on hold. She put me on hold for a couple of minutes and she said she’ll honor the online deal. The online deal included a free handsfree ear bud which I told her. She said she couldn’t honor that because the website and the sales department are two separate departments. I asked myself don’t these two departments work together? After explaining that this a couple of times she still wouldn’t give me ear bud. So I went ahead with the upgrade even though I have to buy a separate ear bud. By the way, cingular charges $18 for an upgrade and you’ll have to commit to their terms.