Repair bad sectors

Three weeks ago my Seagate 120gb hard drive started to act up. The startup process slowed drastically and gaining access to the hard drive was slow as well. I performed the typical troubleshooting, using tools such as chkdsk and seagate tools with no avail. It was imperative that I gain access to this drive due to the fact I have important information on it and I haven’t perform a recent backup. I was contemplating on whether to take my drive to a data recovery specialist but that will be costly. So I’ve searched the web and found two software solutions that repair bad sectors, HDD Regenerator and SpinRite. It was important that I gather more information on the two products and determine which software was the better choice. HDD Regenerator would ultimately be my choice. So I started HDD Regenerator at sector zero (0) and within a five minutes it found a bad sector and recovered it. After three weeks it finally completed and I was able to gain access to the drive.

1.Run HDD Regenerator
2.Start at sector zero (0)
3.Let it run and check it in the morning or every 12 hours. If it hasn’t completed then write down the sector its at in case of a power lost.