Download videos/pictures to your Phone from the Akaso V50X without the Akaso App

This instruction will guide you on how to connect to the Akaso V50X to your phone wifi and download the videos/pictures to your mobile phone using this alternative method.

I know Akaso has an app that can be downloaded but there seems to be a consensus that the app doesn’t work that well based on the reviews.

On your V50x
1. Turn on wifi by pressing the up button on the right side of the V50X.
Take note of the information on the screen.

On your Phone
1. Turn off mobile data

2. Go to your phone wifi connection and select the V50X wifi name. As seen on the V50X

3. Type in the password that was given on the V50X

4. Go to settings -> About phone -> Status Information. Take note of the ip address.

Now open up Google Chrome. In step 4, the ip address may show (xxx = random number). You’ll type in Google Chrome, instead and press enter. You should be in your V50x file system. You may have to unpinch to zoom. Look for sd and select it. Now select 100HSCAM. In this folder you should see all videos/pictures taken on your V50x.

Select the file you want to download. The video will display within Chrome and on the bottom right you’ll have the option to download by selecting the three dots.

After it’s done downloading and you can go the the Download folder on your phone and play/view it.

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