How to fix clicking sounds made on the Shimano FX-4000FA

The following requires you download the documentation for this spinning reel.

1. Download documentation. Do a search on your favorite search engine for Shimano FX-4000FA.pdf
2. Unscrew the following items in the following order. Part # 1442, 1030, 4362 (two of these), 642 (two of these), 3676, 6850, 6851, 4360, 3655, 5794, 5605, 3677, 5599.
3. Look for Part #5600 and make sure its all the way on top of the shaft. See picture, labeled in red arrow. You may need to remove part#5601 to get to part#5600.




shimano-fx4000fa4. Put everything back together and your done.

How to connect your VOIP throughout your home

1. Locate the demarcation box on the side of your home.
2. Open demarcation box
3. Find Orange and White/Orange wire. In my picture, it is pointed out with the black arrows. The technician that connected this wire happened to place it in Voice 1 or Line 6 as seen in the picture.


4. Next, loosen the screws and pull out the wire. See picture. Pointed out with the blue arrows.

5. Find out if you get a dial tone by picking up the telephone handset. If there’s no dial then you’re good to close up the demarcation box.
6. Plug in phone splitter.

7. Connect your telephone and ATA adapter to the splitter.

Note: If you have DSL, you’ll probably need to connect a second line or run a separate cable to your DSL modem. Also, you’ll need to contact your DSL provider and inform them that it’s on the second line. It seems to be a hassle but once this is completed you’ll be saving money. What I’ve done is installed dual wall jacks (see picture) inside the house and connected the blue and white/blue wire for the DSL connection.

Mythbuntu 8.04.1 + Hauppauge WinTV 61381 Rev D423

So I was able to get Mythbuntu 8.04.1 and my old Hauppauge Wintv card working together, however I ran into a few problems. These are:

1) I wasn’t able to convert the nuv files to mpeg or avi so that my Xbox 360 can play them. However, when I press Transcode in Mythweb and download them to my other computer I was able to watch it in VLC.
2)When I press Transcode in Mythweb it doesn’t rename the file.

My setup:
AMD 2200+
Hauppauge WinTV 61381 Rev D423 (610000-08)

Can anyone help me on the above issue I would greatly appreciate it.
mythbuntu8041help |{|@|}|  gmail |{(.)}|  com

Configuring Usenet-News + Grabit + Stunnel for SSL

Stunnel setup (Windows)
1) Download Stunnel from and install the program.
After installation, go to Start -> Programs -> Stunnel -> Service Install. A confirmation message stating the service has been installed.
2) Go to Start -> Programs ->Stunnel -> Edit stunnel.conf. Make the following changes:
Find “;client = yes” and remove the semicolon
then go to the bottom of the file and add the following

accept = 563
connect =

3) Save these changes and close stunnel.conf.

4) Go to Start -> Programs -> Stunnel -> Service Start or “Run Stunnel”. The program’s icon should appear in the taskbar.

Grabit Configuration
1) Right click your server your using. Located on the left panel. Select Server Properties. Change the server address to “” or “localhost” without the quotes.
2) Change Port to 563
3) Click Ok

Verifying Stunnel is working correctly.
1) Start downloading a file using Grabit
2) Hover your mouse over the Stunnel icon and a message should appear saying “x session(s) is active” x is the number of connection made to your newsgroup provider.


Today I received a text message from T-mobile saying if I forward this text message to 10 other people I will be credited $20. However, there was a phone number attached to it. The phone number is 323-273-1226. I asked myself, T-Mobile usually will only attach a 3 digit number if they were to automate this process. So I called T-mobile and the customer representative (CS)Â informed me that it was spam and I politely asked the CS if she can credit my account. The quick thinking and kind CS was able to do just that.

Here’s the message in full.

– Fwd: T-MOBILE-FREE-MSG. Attention! All T-Mobile Customers send this message to ten people and T-Mobile will credit your account $20!


Cleaning your teeth for 2 mins

I created a circuit that utilizes a LM555 and an 4017 that will tell the user when to start brushing a different area. Each led will be on for 30 secs.

Parts List:
(2)104 Capacitor
10uF Capacitor
2M Pot
(2)1k Resistor
4.7k Resistor
(4) Led’s
SPST Switch
Minimum 5v power supply

Repair bad sectors

Three weeks ago my Seagate 120gb hard drive started to act up. The startup process slowed drastically and gaining access to the hard drive was slow as well. I performed the typical troubleshooting, using tools such as chkdsk and seagate tools with no avail. It was imperative that I gain access to this drive due to the fact I have important information on it and I haven’t perform a recent backup. I was contemplating on whether to take my drive to a data recovery specialist but that will be costly. So I’ve searched the web and found two software solutions that repair bad sectors, HDD Regenerator and SpinRite. It was important that I gather more information on the two products and determine which software was the better choice. HDD Regenerator would ultimately be my choice. So I started HDD Regenerator at sector zero (0) and within a five minutes it found a bad sector and recovered it. After three weeks it finally completed and I was able to gain access to the drive.

1.Run HDD Regenerator
2.Start at sector zero (0)
3.Let it run and check it in the morning or every 12 hours. If it hasn’t completed then write down the sector its at in case of a power lost.

HP Officejet d135 – How to remove the Lithium ion/CMOS battery

Tools required:
Flathead screwdriver
Pinnose pliers

1. Unplug the power supply from behind the printer.
2. Tape down the top lid where you scan your documents.
3. Open the printer where you gain access to the printers ink.
4. Notice the two vertical supports.
5. See picture . The black arrows are pointing to the location where you need to use the flathead screwdriver to push these metal pins out.
6. See picture and observe the green rectangle. Before removing the springs, place one hand on the lid (See picture with purple tracing on where you put your hand) and while using your other hand pull these springs downward and towards you to remove.
7. See picture and observe the blue arrow. The Lithium ion / CMOS battery is located on the left side of the printer. Remove the battery by utilizing the pinnose pliers.