Configuring Usenet-News + Grabit + Stunnel for SSL

Stunnel setup (Windows)
1) Download Stunnel from and install the program.
After installation, go to Start -> Programs -> Stunnel -> Service Install. A confirmation message stating the service has been installed.
2) Go to Start -> Programs ->Stunnel -> Edit stunnel.conf. Make the following changes:
Find “;client = yes” and remove the semicolon
then go to the bottom of the file and add the following

accept = 563
connect =

3) Save these changes and close stunnel.conf.

4) Go to Start -> Programs -> Stunnel -> Service Start or “Run Stunnel”. The program’s icon should appear in the taskbar.

Grabit Configuration
1) Right click your server your using. Located on the left panel. Select Server Properties. Change the server address to “” or “localhost” without the quotes.
2) Change Port to 563
3) Click Ok

Verifying Stunnel is working correctly.
1) Start downloading a file using Grabit
2) Hover your mouse over the Stunnel icon and a message should appear saying “x session(s) is active” x is the number of connection made to your newsgroup provider.