How to connect your VOIP throughout your home

1. Locate the demarcation box on the side of your home.
2. Open demarcation box
3. Find Orange and White/Orange wire. In my picture, it is pointed out with the black arrows. The technician that connected this wire happened to place it in Voice 1 or Line 6 as seen in the picture.


4. Next, loosen the screws and pull out the wire. See picture. Pointed out with the blue arrows.

5. Find out if you get a dial tone by picking up the telephone handset. If there’s no dial then you’re good to close up the demarcation box.
6. Plug in phone splitter.

7. Connect your telephone and ATA adapter to the splitter.

Note: If you have DSL, you’ll probably need to connect a second line or run a separate cable to your DSL modem. Also, you’ll need to contact your DSL provider and inform them that it’s on the second line. It seems to be a hassle but once this is completed you’ll be saving money. What I’ve done is installed dual wall jacks (see picture) inside the house and connected the blue and white/blue wire for the DSL connection.