Cleaning your teeth for 2 mins

I created a circuit that utilizes a LM555 and an 4017 that will tell the user when to start brushing a different area. Each led will be on for 30 secs. Parts List: (2)104 Capacitor 10uF Capacitor 2M Pot (2)1k Resistor 4.7k Resistor LM555 4017 (4) Led’s SPST Switch Minimum 5v power supply

HP Officejet d135 – How to remove the Lithium ion/CMOS battery

Tools required: Flathead screwdriver Pinnose pliers 1. Unplug the power supply from behind the printer. 2. Tape down the top lid where you scan your documents. 3. Open the printer where you gain access to the printers ink. 4. Notice the two vertical supports. 5. See picture . The black arrows are pointing to the …

HP Officejet d135 – Scanner failure – Temporary fix

I noticed that I’m getting a ‘scanner failure’ message every time I’ve used the scanner function. To temporarily solve this problem, I did the following 1. Remove the cmos battery. Howto 2. Plugged the power supply into a power strip that has a switch to turn off power. Reason: So you’ll be able to turn …

Yahoo Auctions

No listing or closing fees from Yahoo Auctions. It’s about time Yahoo did this. In my opinion, I feel they can now compete with Ebay since they took away those fees. My prediction is that Ebay will either reduce their fees or go to a no listing or closing fees.Yahoo Auctions


I wanted to upgrade my phone online. Which I tried to do over the weekend and at the end of the checkout I noticed a Fast Forward service was added to the checkout. I didn’t want this service so I searched throughout their website to remove this feature but I was unsuccessful. I had to …