HP Officejet d135 – Scanner failure – Temporary fix

I noticed that I’m getting a ‘scanner failure’ message every time I’ve used the scanner function. To temporarily solve this problem, I did the following

1. Remove the cmos battery. Howto
2. Plugged the power supply into a power strip that has a switch to turn off power. Reason: So you’ll be able to turn off the power from the power strip instead of unplugging the power supply from the wall all the time.
3. Disable ink level checking for both black and color. To do this, when you turn on the power from the printer. It should say Initializing. When it’s done and it says the date. Press the left and right arrows at the same time. Then press the numbers 456. It should then ask you a Yes or No question. Press the number that says Yes. Then you’ll press the two arrow keys again and this time you’ll press numbers 789. A Yes or No question will appear and again you’ll press the number that corresponds with Yes.

Sometimes this procedure doesn’t work and you’ll be required to remove the power supply from behind the printer. Once unplugged, wait 30 seconds before plugging it back in.