HP Officejet d135 – Scanner failure – Temporary fix

I noticed that I’m getting a ‘scanner failure’ message every time I’ve used the scanner function. To temporarily solve this problem, I did the following

1. Remove the cmos battery. Howto
2. Plugged the power supply into a power strip that has a switch to turn off power. Reason: So you’ll be able to turn off the power from the power strip instead of unplugging the power supply from the wall all the time.
3. Disable ink level checking for both black and color. To do this, when you turn on the power from the printer. It should say Initializing. When it’s done and it says the date. Press the left and right arrows at the same time. Then press the numbers 456. It should then ask you a Yes or No question. Press the number that says Yes. Then you’ll press the two arrow keys again and this time you’ll press numbers 789. A Yes or No question will appear and again you’ll press the number that corresponds with Yes.

Sometimes this procedure doesn’t work and you’ll be required to remove the power supply from behind the printer. Once unplugged, wait 30 seconds before plugging it back in.

Lexmark Z52 – Paper Feed Fix

Lexmark Z52

Problem: Paper does not feed and remains in the paper tray. The roller does not catch the paper yet the roller is operating as though it wants to feed the paper.

My Solution: Invert the rubber

My other possible solutions are: Replace the rubber. Heat the rubber over a candlelight. Find a way to clean the rubber so it’s in a new state.

Materials: (2) Philip screwdrivers (1) Flathead screwdriver

Disclaimer: If you mess up or break your printer it’s not my fault. Lexmark with NOT replace or repair your printer because of my instructions.

E-mail me your address and I’ll send you the full instructions on how I did it.

Yahoo Auctions

No listing or closing fees from Yahoo Auctions. It’s about time Yahoo did this. In my opinion, I feel they can now compete with Ebay since they took away those fees. My prediction is that Ebay will either reduce their fees or go to a no listing or closing fees.Yahoo Auctions


I wanted to upgrade my phone online. Which I tried to do over the weekend and at the end of the checkout I noticed a Fast Forward service was added to the checkout. I didn’t want this service so I searched throughout their website to remove this feature but I was unsuccessful. I had to add this service if I wanted this phone for free. I didn’t end up going through with the upgrade because I didn’t want this to show up on my bill and also go through the hassle of removing it. So what I did is called Cingular sales department. A lady answered and when I got through explaining what happened over the weekend she had to put me on hold. She put me on hold for a couple of minutes and she said she’ll honor the online deal. The online deal included a free handsfree ear bud which I told her. She said she couldn’t honor that because the website and the sales department are two separate departments. I asked myself don’t these two departments work together? After explaining that this a couple of times she still wouldn’t give me ear bud. So I went ahead with the upgrade even though I have to buy a separate ear bud. By the way, cingular charges $18 for an upgrade and you’ll have to commit to their terms.